We are a brand with a quest to provide an open and non-judgemental space for parents to talk about their parenting journey. All parents aspire to wear the badge of perfectionism, not realizing that the expectations of parenthood may never match the realities. Through our products we want to narrate the stories of parents who have difficulty in acknowledging such feelings, repudiating them as non-ideal.

We live in a world where parenthood is getting rebranded and social media has become a commonly used platform for parents to seek reassurance for their newly acquired identities. Our aim is to create a guilt free space for parents to share their emotions and thoughts.

With BHAAKUR, we have carefully and intentionally created a collection, with which all parents can relate to. We want to provide them the means to identify with similar experiences of other parents, giving them a sense of belonging. Through our efforts, we aspire to slowly break the gendered constructs around motherhood, parenting and child upbringing.